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Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful, With memories and surprises, Days are sunny, And nights are calm, Life is so beautiful. Life is beautiful, With the singing birds, And the lush greens, All tells us a story, Life is so beautiful. Life is beautiful, With the murmuring woods, And the living creatures, All of them together, Life isContinue reading “Life is beautiful”

Thinking …

Why is that we have something in our mind, Always thinking of some chores or some duty, Thinking that whether whatever we are going to do is going to be perfect or not, Thinking that whether everything that we have done is perfect or not, Thinking that whenever we help someone, is that correct orContinue reading “Thinking …”

My Girl is so sweet…

My  girl is so sweet, Her smile is rejuvenating, Making me laugh, Her innocence is so captivating, Capable to make me weak, Ignoring her naughtiness, and forgetting her small mistakes. My girl is so sweet, Lively and enchanting, I am also surprised How she makes stories out of nothing, With her constant blabbering. My girlContinue reading “My Girl is so sweet…”

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